In Front of Everyone EP

by Bright Red Reason

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Five song sex tape.


released May 26, 2012

Produced by Sean Killary
Additional Production and Arrangement by Nick Grieco

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Sean Killary



all rights reserved


Bright Red Reason Boston, Massachusetts

We're a trio from Mass, we play music for reasons everywhere, to everyone and to no one.

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Track Name: This Time
(do i miss you?)
spill, by proxy, your blood on the ground.
i didn't think you'd come this far
i always knew,
but never really thought it out.
but here i am.
now watch me bleed this
everything you took from me.
the day i leave,
remember me,
forever this moment.

were it up to me,
i wouldn't let you see the way my legs shook
for a moment
but you did.
and this evening burns so bright inside my eyes
now watch me
as the one you lost me.
it doesn't matter if you saw me falling.

this is about setting myself free.
none if it's for you
it's all for me.

i'm not gonna leave this time
finally found the shine in my own life
i won't live to survive.
i'm gonna stay awake this time
going through the motions of a dream
i'm ready to believe
and do i miss you?

beneath the wreckage,
i never found myself at all.
you got what you wanted,
but every one of them was wrong.
i'm standing above this,
but i'm standing alone.
we're not talking about this.


you give me one good reason
as to why i should come inside.
despite all you've taken,
you don't know what i've taken.
i'll always ask this question,
but let it ebb forever;
where do we, do i, forgive?
but it took enough to get me here
so i just can't go through with this.


and do i miss you?
Track Name: BGF
something's wrong here
and i think that you've known it
for the longest time.
in the middle till the morning,
i will sit here
like i've been doing

if i tried to let go i would fall,
but i can feel that holding on is gonna
break me.

no matter where you go,
one morning you'll always be waking up to leave.
all good things come to an end,
but do the bad ones do the same?
and when you're sick for home,
the burning in your brain
it ebbs and flows.
how bad do you want this?
i know how bad you want this.

maybe i mean more to myself
than i should at this point.
but when you treat me like i'm not alive,
you're almost right.
and i can't keep this up

so look into my eyes and tell me
all of this was wishful thinking.
look into my eyes and let me
tell you how i almost took you down.
you almost took me down with you.

no matter where you go,
one morning you'll always be waking up to leave.
all good things come to an end,
but do the bad ones do the same?
and when you're sick for home,
the burning in your brain
it ebbs and flows.
how bad do you want this?
i know how bad you want

today is the same
cause it's exactly where you left it.
it's a shame i put my trust in you
did you ever know how much?
i'm walking away now.
and yes, i've always been afraid
to do this all alone,
but where's that ever got me?

i'm still in here somewhere
i will whisper if you'll listen.

i will never learn how to breathe
with your foot on my neck,
without my heart in my chest.
you can't control me
Track Name: Give up the Ghost
empty halls
filled up with the walls that you still walk through.

i lie awake night and day
these ghosts get in my way
sometimes i drown inside of your wake.

they forced me to watch you walk out,
i tried so hard to stop you.
it takes me down every time
that your spirit reappears.
and i find myself thinking
about inching my way out,
when 'i love you' one last time was all i wanted
to hear.

empty halls filled up
with the walls that you still walk through.

when i take hold of your hand,
the shades of grey and blue reach out and touch me.
i try with all my might to feel you
on these days when you're beside me
try with all my might to feel you

a consciousness debatable,
i breathe you in a second time.
i know the difference,
but it don't take the flesh to bind.
if you're out there,
you should probably know
my trigger finger is the worst of them all
because i know you don't belong here
and i hold on.
i don't know i can ever stop seeing these

empty halls filled up
with the walls that you
still walk through.
i live inside these empty halls
filled up
with the walls that you
still walk through.

i have to catch myself when i'm smiling
cause i know you're gone now,
and i can't keep killing myself.

what's it worth besides a silent movie?
neither one of us is moving.
but every scene we ever wrote
has got this grip around my throat.

i am standing here,
and i am trapped between this air
that hasn't held your breath in who knows how long?
i keep standing here,
and contrary to what is right,
i miss you more as time ticks by.
Track Name: Happy Song
don't close your eyes
cause i wanna see em
even though i know you feel this too,
and wanna take it in
just like i do.

am i allowed to kiss you
right here and now?
with the stars in the sky
and your hands in my hair,
you fit right in my arms.
this is why

i can write a song about whatever i want to,
and this one's to let you know,
this one's all for you-
you and your bright green eyes
and your you are so fucking cool.
and i haven't felt this way
since they let me out;
since that cold, hard November day
that stole all my breath away,
not to be confused with the way
you breathed it back into me.

i wanna make the sun shine for you
the way my eyes do when i watch you move.
this middle of nowhere,
alone together.
stay by my side
i don't want this night to end.
when was the last time that this happened?

you make me happy
i'm not used to this,
but i'm sure as hell ready for it.

hey hey, hey hey.....

and until now, i almost didn't believe
that this could ever happen again.
i want you to understand
that even if our hearts are only in it for so long,
this means so much to me.
it's reawakened all these things
i thought i'd lost, so far gone

hey hey, hey hey.....

please don't breathe on my neck
i can't stand all your cute
for now, what i want is to be with yoooooooooooouuuuu

hey hey
Track Name: One for the End
i think about your hand in mine,
and i lose it.
running through my hair at night, oh
infecting me with that melody to
illuminate me one more time
like a cheap trick.
i'll do it to myself
if you'll hit me first
but i can't let us take back the end

so hold me till we get home,
let's just get on with this.
it's not the end of the world,
it just feels like it is.
i always waste my time on
running towards the monsters in my head.
sense is always drowned out by the potency
of being mentally affected.

i can only guess
you'll stay my reason,
though every day tells me
you'll let go soon.

you had me,
you don't know,
the scars i wrote inside of you
will have a way of coming back to me.
you have me,
for a while you'll have me.
this is just the way it's got to be,
whatever happens to me,
i wouldn't regret the way i trusted you


and your life will keep falling apart
until it's not
and when i'm watching from my bedroom window
is when i'll write in all the time
that i've been gone
(that i'll be gone)

i'm singing this to help me let you go,
but i already know it won't.
it's so dark in here,
i don't want to admit it
but it's where i look most like me, isn't it?
i'm falling apart from the inside
cause you don't belong here,
isn't that right?
do you mind it?
i don't mind it,
do you mind it? cause i don't mind

someone else's blood
will always stain my sheets.
i think that's just the way i am,
but i think yours seeped under my skin.
maybe this is the end